About us

We are members of an emerging group called Lifeboat which we have formed after touring and performing with other companies for the last 5 years. As a group we are interested in physical storytelling and using circus as a highly accessible way of reaching an audience in an outdoor setting. The core team all trained together in physical theatre at Circomedia as well as specialising in Aerial, Acrobatics or Juggling. We have since worked with companies including NoFit State, Bash Street Theatre and Cirque Bijou among others.

Alan Conlon:

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Alan moved to Bristol in 2008 after years of stilt walking and amateur dramatics in Sligo, Ireland to study at Circomedia. He specialised in Physical Theatre and Acrobatics, as well as gaining skills in aerial and adding to his existing E&M talents. Since graduating he has performed and taught across the UK and Europe with different companys. He has a broad range of skills from acro-balance to flying trapeze and is currently lead tutor for Circomedias U18s program in Bristol.

Alexandra Hofgartner:


Specialising in Aerial Hoop and Physical Theatre, Alex graduated Circomedia and continued her training around the world including, France, South Africa and Italy. Alex combines aerial and physical theatre practice with her years of dance experience and has performed internationally with a number of notable companies including Company Malakhi, Charody Productions, Cirque Bijou, and Dark Island Dance. Alex teaches her own adult aerial classes aswell as teaching performance skills and movement studies as part of the Circomedia FDA course.

Alice Ellerby:

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Alice is a physical performer and aerialist, specialising in cloud swing, devised performance and comedy. Since graduating from Circomedia in 2010, she has performed internationally with NoFit State Circus in Parklife and Barricade, and with companies including Crashmat Collective, Goat and Monkey and Pif-Paf. Earlier this year she performed in Puffball, a Roundhosue production for CircusFest 2014. She is also the co-founder of the physical theatre company, Jilted Pig, whose work brings together a love of comedy and improvisation with fast-paced storytelling and circus.